17 May 2012 @ 03:55 pm
Elementary, my dear Watson.  

People actually need to calm the fuck down about the new CBS show "Elementary".

Recently, I guess with the new trailer and all, everyone has been whining on and on about it.  Female Watson?  Female Asian Watson?  No, please, bring back my gay bbys!  Modern Sherlock!  Like that's never been done before~

Honestly, idgaf about this show, and if you're not interested, you shouldn't either.  Sure, I don't think it's the best move to make a Sherlock Holmes TV show when there's currently one in the UK (a damn good one too), but it's surely not anything worth crying over.

I won't be watching it.  But I won't be complaining either.  They're not going to stop production for your Sherlock stan needs, so build a bridge and get over it.

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