20 July 2012 @ 12:56 pm
the dark knight rises.  
Amazing.  Fantastic.  Phenomenal.

Other than sitting in line for two hours next to a group of obnoxious teenagers taking hundreds of pictures via iPhone and talking so loudly I couldn't read Lolita in peace...  I had a pleasant experience.

And since I was there so early, I got to sit right in the middle, in the middle row.  Because no fucking way am I watching The Dark Knight Rises in the front row.

Now I'll never understand why Anne Hathaway is hated so much.  She was the best Selina Kyle I've seen on screen, and as an avid comic book reader, I think she did a terrific job.  I especially loved her introduction and how she disguised herself as a maid.  Because fucking Selina Kyle, I adore her. Did they ever explicitly say she was "Catwoman" though?  She was only referred to as Selina from what I recall.

Speaking of Selina though, all of the Bruce/Selina feels.  Oh man, that dance, that kiss, the way she stared at him when Bane was beating him up, the kiss at the end.  I adore Bruce/Selina, and seeing them together in this film just made me ship them more (if that's even a possibility).  Apparently, Bane/Talia has been a popular ship recently.. which I don't get at all.  I guess because the comics!Bane and Talia are so ill-fitting for each other, I can't wrap my head around them in any AU.

Ugh and Talia al Ghul.  We should have all seen it coming when Marion was cast, I mean, come on.  Even when she was introduced as "Miranda Tate", I was like, "nOPE that's Talia al Ghul."

And wow, I'm experiencing a wave of Bruce Wayne appreciation.  I mean, Bruce has never been near the top of my favorite Batfam members list.  I mostly read the post-Robin Batman comics, and he's just a terrible father, which I guess is why I used to have such a low opinion.

I have to say the only thing that bothered me was John Blake's implied "Robin" gig.  I don't understand, and will never understand, why Nolan decided to create a made-up Robin rather than use the perfectly eligible 5 (Tim Drake is still a Robin to me, Lobdell can stfu) existing Robins in the comic book universe.  It just pissed me off, to be honest, because I love the Robins so much.  Like, what if I decided to make a Batman movie and call him Larry Edwards instead of Bruce Wayne.  Everyone would get on my ass.  The Robins are people, superheros, just as amazing (more in my opinion) as Bruce Wayne, and they deserve the same amount of respect.  So, fuck you, Nolan.  Fuck you.

Overall, the script was not as strong as The Dark Knight, but it was gritty and entertaining nonetheless.

Deshi Basara.

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